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Everyone is created equally yet differently. We have different approaches to how we process information. There are visual learners, auditory learners and kinesthetic learners: visual learners prefer the use of images, maps, and graphic organizers to access and understand new information; auditory learners best understand new content through listening and speaking in situations; and kinesthetic learners acquire information through tactile representations of information. Identifying your learning style and aligning the formats of learning materials on the Tricor Academy will help you make the most of your learning. Take a simple quiz to find out your learning style now.



Visual learners learn best by seeing, and do well with spatial reasoning, charts, graphs and alike. Often, visual learners see words as pictures or other objects in their head, and they often use their right brain to process information.

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Auditory learners learn best by listening, which can include hearing things from external sources, as well as hearing themselves talk. Any form of listening or speaking is going to be the most efficient learning method for this category.

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Kinesthetic learners learn best by moving and doing. It is easier for them to internalize information when they see something first hand, watch live videos or engage in activities in person.

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