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Accounting & Financial Reporting

Maintaining a Solid Financial Reporting as Backbone for Your Business

Accounting & financial reporting plays a pivotal role in running a business, irrespective of the size and industry. It is important to maintain a systematic, accurate and complete record of all financial transactions of a company, not only for full compliance with local and international regulations, but also for strong corporate governance and competent business decision making in a timely manner.

Services Like No Other

Modern day accounting and financial reporting involves a number of varied processes. Our qualified professional team offers a full range of services, from administrative, compliance to advisory:

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* For corporations licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong

Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Strong Regulatory Compliance and Governance
    • Possess up-to-date knowledge of latest financial reporting requirements amid an increasingly complex and frequently changing regulatory environment
    • Accurate and timely reporting to maintain a good compliance record
  • Improved Financial Visibility
    • Enhance transparency and continuity, and minimize erroneous decision making
    • Allow prompt access to data
  • Customized Services
    • Provide full range of accounting and financial reporting services to meet your needs
    • Tailor package to accommodate your budget and expectations

Tricor –
High Standards of Audit and

Tricor has enormous breadth of knowledge and experience in accounting and final reporting. Despite challenges such as shortage of time, frequently updated regulations and many more, we are able to deliver accurate and compliant work to meet the high standards of audit and governance.

Our accounting and financial reporting process and system are externally audited and accredited every year in accordance with the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3402.

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