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Board Meetings Made Easy

Fulfilling the role and responsibilities as a board member is never an easy task. An advanced digital solution can not only enhance board efficiency, but also improve data security and manage board activities in a more structured way.

Leveraging Tricor’s proprietary technology, Boardfolio is an advanced board portal solution that enables seamless collaboration between board members and management. It is a secure and centralized platform to manage sensitive board materials and processes easily, offering security, efficiency and administrative ease for board members, management and administrators alike.

Features Like No Other

By implementing Boardfolio, we can help you manage every step from pre-meeting to post-meeting on one single platform. Board members and administrators are able to perform their tasks easily anytime, anywhere with a user-friendly interface that supports view on desktops, mobile and tablets. In addition, with one single sign-in, you can manage multiple boards, offering simultaneous management of several projects.

The entire board meeting process can be managed seamlessly on Boardfolio:

  • Group 12-2
  • Group
  • Group 2-1
  • Group 4-4
  • Group 5-3
  • Group 6-1
  • Group 8-1
  • Group 10

Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Enhanced Privacy & Security
    • Uphold data security and confidentiality with customized access permissions
    • Ensure EU General Data Protection Regulation compliance and privacy protection
  • Better Corporate Governance
    • Access all latest and past information on centralized repository
    • Ensure security and confidentiality of sensitive board documents
  • Personalized Experience
    • Personalize cloud experience according to your preferences
    • Allow single sign-in for multiple boardsPersonalizedExperience
  • Seamless Collaboration
    • Act as a centralized platform for management, board members and administrators
    • Share and update data at real time
  • Increased Efficiency & Reduction in Costs
    • Simplifies administrative workflow
    • Save time and cost
  • Environmental Friendly
    • No longer require to print the board packs
    • Enable e-signing

Tricor –
Taking Corporate Governance to
the Next Level

Tricor is a firm believer in good corporate governance. All our products and services are centered around this belief. Our end-to-end solutions help clients digitize and streamline business operations both internally and externally to improve corporate governance and achieve best practices. Our systems are hosted at ISO 27001 certified data centers and are highly secure and reliable.

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