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Corporate Actions

From Planning to Seamless Execution of Corporate Actions

A corporate action is any event initiated by a company that changes its capital structure or financial condition, and thus impacts its shareholders. Some examples include dividend payments, stock splits, stock buybacks, mergers, tender offers, spin-offs, name changes, and delisting. Improving the efficiency of corporate action processes can help cut costs, provide competitive advantage through better client service, maintain regulatory compliance, and reduce operational and reputational risks.

Services Like No Other

From the simplest to the most complicated events, Tricor can help you implement your corporate actions professionally, delivering an exceptional shareholder experience while fully complying with regulations.

We support a full range of corporate actions, including:

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  • Group 12-Mar-25-2021-09-25-03-18-AM
  • Group 15-3
  • Group 16-3
  • Group 17-4
  • Group 19-1
  • Group 20-2
  • Group 21-1
  • Group 23

Values That We Can
Bring To You

  • Extensive Expertise
    • Tap into the expertise of our team of professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of corporate actions
    • Tailor solutions to meet your specific needs
  • High Efficiency
    • Manage the entire corporate action process in an accurate, timely, secure and compliant manner
    • Save your time and effort
  • Technology-Driven Process
    • Employ state-of-the-art information technology to deliver maximum efficiency and security of services
    • Operate an internet-based Investor Services Self-service Portal
  • Extended Services
    • Provide comprehensive one-stop solutions for all securities registration and related corporate issues
    • Extend solutions such as a full-scaled call center service to attend to enquiries

Tricor –
The Largest Service Provider for
Listed Issuers

Tricor is the leading share registrar in Hong Kong, providing share registration and related services to over 1,300 companies whose shares, warrants and/or REIT units are listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, representing the largest portfolio of listed issuers under service.

With a team of 160 investor service executives of which majority are members of The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries, we are able to help you implement a wide range of corporate actions, from planning to execution. We provide detailed insights into each client’s processes and priorities to develop a unique solution. Through our corporate actions service, supported by our proprietary technology applications, we drive successful outcomes and help companies move on to the next stage.

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Catharine  Wong
Managing Director - Head of Share Registry & Issuer Services