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Corporate Restructuring & Liquidation

Guiding and Supporting You Through
Restructuring and Liquidation

When a company is undergoing significant difficulties and facing existential challenges, it may need to consider restructuring, suspension of operations or liquidating the company. This process is highly dependent on the jurisdiction where the company is incorporated. With a variety of legal and operational obligations involving multiple parties, it is vital for the management to handle the process in an orderly and compliant manner. The company must formulate restructuring and liquidation plans in a cost-effective manner and in accordance with the laws. They need to conduct realization of assets, both liquid and illiquid, settling of liabilities and dues to creditors, management of tax issues and handling of human resources and compensation.

Services Like No Other

As your restructuring and liquidation partner, our experienced team can assist you in fulfilling your obligations at the time of restructuring and liquidation:

  • Group 29-1

    Accounting & Financial

    • Compliant accounting & financial reporting
    • Solvency and asset realization
    • Banking processes and obligations
  • Group 13-2

    Human Resources

    • Employee termination advisory
    • Holding employment for key personnel
    • Cessation employer’s returns filing and closure of pension schemes
  • Group 21


    • Tax advice and filing
    • Tax clearance process with IRD
  • Group 25-3

    Company Secretarial Support

    • Company termination advisory
    • Pre-liquidation corporate actions
    • Liquidation duties
  • Group 17-1

    Office & Administration Support

    • Termination of insurance policies, utility facilities & services contracts
    • Reinstatement of premises
    • Storage of company’s documents & records

Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Professional & Experienced Team
    • Provide advisory on group restructuring and company termination
    • Handle Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (“MVL”)
  • Cross-Border Support
    • Possess proven experience in MVL of Hong Kong incorporated companies and of overseas companies
    • Support in BVI, Cayman Islands and other jurisdictions
  • One Stop for All
    • Assist you in restructuring and closing down your operations
    • Manage legal obligations, tax clearance and all human resource issues, etc.

Tricor –
Deep Expertise in Company
Restructuring and Liquidation

Restructuring and liquidation are highly stressful and complex events. Tricor has deep expertise in providing advisory on group restructuring and company termination, and handling Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (“MVL”) across jurisdictions in a sensitive and compliant manner. Our team will hand hold you in the pre-liquidation and liquidation process, while managing the legal obligations including obtaining tax clearance. We will assist you with the closing down of your operations in an orderly way and handle all human resource issues, including managing employee termination processes and becoming legal employer where necessary.

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