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Digitalize Your Travel Records to Manage Tax Risk

Most businesses in Hong Kong would like to see the resumption of business travel soon, particularly with mainland China. This would result in greater economic activity and along with that the need to manage potential corporate and individual tax risks associated with cross-border travel. Managing potential corporate and individual tax risks associated with this cross-border travel has been a tedious but important task that requires more attention.

Traditionally, travel days are tracked by using either travel agents or through Excel spreadsheets. This is not always timely, accurate or complete. Given today’s advancement in tax technology, TenCent and Tricor have launched WeDay - a Web based Application that can digitalizes travel records enabling recording of travel days expeditiously and management of tax risks appropriately.

Features Like No Other

Adoption of WeDay enables you to overcome and manage PRC tax implications associated with cross-border work arrangements. The key features of WeDay include:

Digital Travel Record: WeDay digitalizes travel record management for both employees and businesses capturing travel information in a most cost effective and efficient manner.

Notifications and Reminders: WeDay can send out reminders and notifications to employees and management so that remedial actions can be adopted to manage permanent establishment exposure.

Reports: WeDay also can generate periodic reports that will assist you in making the right management decisions.

Values that we can bring to you:

For tax compliance between Hong Kong and mainland, it is crucial to have a robust knowledge of the concept of permanent establishment along with knowledge of tax resident status and individual tax obligations in mainland China.

Cross-Border Tax Structuring

We have a strong grasp of tax challenges that exist under cross-border work arrangements. Our experienced team of tax professionals comprises chartered tax advisers and transfer pricing specialists who have a deep understanding of tax laws, local regulatory environment and practices.

Hong Kong SAR and Mainland China Tax Compliance & Consulting

Backed by our mainland China tax network, our team can help you in establishing efficient cross-border tax models, understanding compliance obligations and keeping track of regulatory changes to better manage tax risks.

One Stop for All

Our comprehensive tax services cover Hong Kong and mainland China corporate tax, Hong Kong tax controversy, Hong Kong and mainland China individual income tax and cross-border tax planning. We are not impacted by the audit independence rules, giving you flexibility to collaborate with us.

Beyond Tax Services

Tricor offers a full range of accounting, financial reporting, company secretary and compliance services to help you navigate the increasingly complex regulatory environment.

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With the breadth and depth of our capabilities, our connected services across all tax disciplines can help you streamline your tax compliance processes and provide you with high-quality tax advice for making informed decisions. Our experienced team of tax professionals with deep knowledge and expertise technology, making us an ideal partner for your tax-related needs.

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