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Empowering HR Team to Manage Rental Claim Efficiently

The Rental Reimbursement Scheme (RRS) is a popular tax-saving arrangement for salaried employees offering housing benefits in the form of a cash allowance by employers. Management of RRS claims is a tedious process for most companies involving application verification, lease agreement monitoring, claims validation, claims tracking, and recordkeeping. An effective control system that includes a well-defined housing benefits policy and a digital system to manage claims will secure the process and prevent abuse of the benefits.

Features Like No Other

eRental Portal is an online portal for managing rental reimbursement applications and claims. The portal not only comes with a built-in workflows from application to completion, but also assists to keep track of application and claim status and store rental documents electronically. This makes the entire process hassle-free and convenient for both administrators and employees, improving the employee experience while freeing up the valuable bandwidth of the HR department to relocate their resources to other activities.

If your company does not have an RRS in place or it has been in place for a long time, Tricor has the experience to help you formulate and implement a tailored scheme policy and guidelines, which can be administered with the aid of the eRental portal. In addition to ensuring a smooth RRS process, our solution reduces the risks of inaccurate reporting to the Inland Revenue Department and protects your company from any possibility of penalization.

Values That We Can Bring To You

  • Process Automation
    • Streamline processes with workflow management features
    • Replace manually executed tasks with automated processes
    • Track claims and applications end-to-end
    • Validate eligibility and entitlement with in-built auto-checking rules
  • Enhanced Communication
    • Ensure transparent communication between HR and employees
    • Send automated e-mail alerts to administrators for pending applications
    • Send automated e-mail alerts to employees for pending documents
    • Track communications with employees with built-in chat box
  • Electronic Storage of Documents
    • Reduce paper processes through digitization of forms and workflow
    • Centralize documents storage and information
    • Retrieve documents anytime from anywhere
    • Save on storage costs/space by storing documents electronically
  • Integration with Payroll and Tax Reporting System
    • Integrate your payroll and tax-reporting systems with eRental
    • Interface monthly update files on ratio of base compensation/reimbursement
    • Synchronize year-end posting of the quarter information
    • Validate actual rental payment and reimbursement value for return reporting

Tricor –
Your Partner for Digital

Digital transformation is an irreversible trend. As the leading business expansion specialist in Asia, Tricor’s creative and innovative culture has made us stay at the forefront of the industry. Our advanced digital solutions enable clients to streamline workflows, collaborate more efficiently, make smarter decisions and be more capable of dealing with challenges. Supported by state-of-the-art technology, all of our digital solutions are highly secure with data privacy and security as our top priority.

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