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ESG Reporting

Keeping Up with the Latest ESG Reporting Requirements

ESG considerations have become more relevant when companies are being evaluated by investors and the public, alongside financial metrics. There have been many changes to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s ESG reporting requirements since its introduction in 2013. Keeping up with the new requirements will help you prepare a report that truthfully reflects your ESG performance.

Services Like No Other

ESG governance is a continuous improvement exercise. Tricor helps you complete the annual disclosure and provide you with suggestions so that the work next year can be as smooth as possible.

Outlined is the various steps of Tricor ESG reporting cycle:

  • Group 29 Copy 3


    • Imagine your final report
    • Kick-off meeting
    • Create a ESG working team
    • Develop an “Action Plan”
  • Group 29 Copy 2


    • Identify stakeholders
    • Prioritise them
    • Dialogue with them: what to ask & how to dialogue?
  • Group 29 Copy 2


    • Choose best way to communicate
    • Write the report
    • Finalise and launch the report
    • Prepare for the next cycle
  • Group 29 Copy 2


    • Select issues for action & report
    • Decide on report content
  • Group 29 Copy 2


    • Develop and maintain monitoring procedures & systems
    • Review & set (or update) ESG goals
    • Monitor activities & record data
    • Ensure quality of information
    • Follow-up on abnormalities or any potential improvements

Values that We Can
Bring to Listed Issuers

  • A Total Solution for ESG Reporting
    • Guide and support you through the entire ESG reporting cycle
    • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current ESG efforts
  • Expert Support
    • Tap into the expertise of a knowledgeable and experienced team who can assist you in navigating the increasingly complex and ever-changing regulatory environment
    • Save you time and effort from studying and updating various regulations, guidelines and procedures
  • Ongoing Compliance
    • Handle ongoing compliance formalities in an accurate and timely manner
    • Streamline long-winded processes

Tricor –
Helping You Prepare a Report
that Truthfully Reflects Your
ESG Performance

Tricor understands the challenges of ESG compliance. While many companies have put great efforts in ESG in response to investors’ and public expectations, they are very often not equipped with the expertise and knowledge to paint a true picture of their ESG performance. This is where Tricor can help – our team can help you find the strengths and weaknesses of your current ESG efforts, while navigating the increasingly complex and ever-changing regulatory environment.

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