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Finding the Right Leader

As new skills are constantly required to enhance management teams, companies often need to explore externally for the right expertise. Successful identification and recruitment of such talent can be difficult and time-consuming yet securing the right leaders can see your business soar.

Services Like No Other

Tricor’s professional executive search team utilizes in-depth research, intense sourcing and a highly focused approach to identify qualified candidates within the appropriate industry sectors.

Our experienced consultants provide a full range of services to help you source the right talent to meet your business objectives. Below is a step-by-step process outline which lead to the successful completion of a recruitment assignment:

  1. Meet with the client to gather information on the company background and position requirements
  2. Prepare the proposal
  3. Present the recruitment strategy
  4. Identify and screen for potential candidates
  5. Conduct interviews
  6. Present shortlisted candidates to the client
  7. Structure the offer and verify academic and professional qualifications as well as employment history
  8. Regularly contact with appointed candidate to ensure a smooth on-boarding at commencement

The functional roles we cover include Chief Executives, Chief Financial Officers, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Directors, Company Secretaries, Legal Counsels, as well as department heads and other managerial level positions.

We are experienced in providing search services in a wide array of industry sectors, including:

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  • Group 9-4
  • Group 10-2
  • Group 12-4
  • Group 14-1
  • Group 16-2
  • Group 18
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Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Strong Sense of the Recruitment Market
    • Breadth of management knowledge and specialist information to assist in the selection of key executives
    • Up-to-date knowledge of the recruitment market across many industries and sectors
  • Comprehensive Database of Candidates
    • Decades of international and cross-border recruitment experience
    • Strong candidate database and extensive network of referrals from local, regional and international market
  • Rigorous Standards for Quality of Performance & Calibre of Candidates
    • Expertise in market availability and remuneration packages for both local and expatriate appointments in Hong Kong, mainland China and the Asia region
    • An independent assessment of the job and candidate specifications and related organizational issues
  • Long-Term Strategic Partner
    • A proven history of meticulous attention and professionalism at every stage of the recruitment process
    • Flexibility in our search strategy to meet your recruitment needs

Tricor –
A Leading Executive Search

TSS, A Tricor Solution, a leading search specialist assisting organizations in the appointment of high calibre candidates to fill senior management level positions based in Hong Kong, mainland China or in the Asia region. Our team has extensive experience in successfully completing search engagements across a wide spectrum of management disciplines and in a diverse category of business sectors. Organizations who appoint our professional services range from start-up companies to large established groups, multinationals and listed conglomerates.

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Ka Ling  Lee
Director of TSS, Executive Search and Recruitment