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Family Office

A Cohesive Way to Manage Family Assets

High-net-worth individuals and families often establish family offices to manage their family wealth, investments and taxes in a cohesive way. Properly setting up a family office requires a thorough understanding of the family’s legacy, short- and long-term goals, as well as deep knowledge of local and global regulations, financial, tax and compliance considerations.

Services Like No Other

Tricor offers comprehensive family office services, from strategy formation, governance, advisory to financial planning.

Our services span across six key areas:

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Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Experienced Team
    • Tap into the expertise of our team with vast knowledge and extensive practical experiences in setting up and running family offices
    • Provide cross-border support across a number of jurisdictions
  • Integrated Solution
    • Act as the quarterback to plan, advise, coordinate and oversee all aspects of your family’s financial affairs
    • Manage all related matters holistically, covering family business growth and expansion strategy, cash flows and financing, tax planning, investment and risk management, administrative duties, trusts and regulatory compliance, etc.
  • Succession Planning
    • Focus on sustainability and continuity
    • Provide neutral advice in case of differences of opinions among family members

Tricor Trust –
A Trusted Partner for
Your Family

Centered around a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, we have a deep understanding of family office issues, as well as the latest trends and development both locally and globally, to provide tailored solutions for each unique case. The breadth and depth of our services, combined with our extensive knowledge and experience, allows us to create innovation solutions that can meet nearly all your family wealth planning needs.

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