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Functional Outsourcing

Scaling Your Business With Flexibility

Functional outsourcing is one method that helps companies scale with flexibility. It enables businesses to run entire projects with minimal operational resources. Especially at times of uncertainty, many companies have opted for more conservative recruitment strategies, and an agile operating model holds the key to survival for many businesses. Industry analysts have highlighted three critical factors that companies must focus on to emerge stronger from any difficult period: cost, speed, and resilience. Functional outsourcing may be the solution that can simultaneously move the needle on all three.

Services Like No Other

To grow with flexibility, firms are turning to one tried-and-tested method – outsourcing. On top of doing everything a recruitment agency does, we can handle a broader range of functions, including but not limited to:

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Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Improved Cost Efficiencies
    • Utilization-based cost
    • Lower cost than keeping full-time employees
  • Quick Scalability
    • Quick and easy scaling without sacrificing agility
    • More confident to embark on more projects
  • Better Quality Control
    • Specialist functional outsourcing partners who have already invested in the best talent, tools, systems and processes
    • Greater consistency in quality and superior quality control

Tricor Staffing Solutions –
An All-round Human Resources
Service Provider

TSS, A Tricor Solution, is an all-round human resources service provider. We grasp the nuances of your business and the skillset required to deliver the results that you are expecting. Our recruitment network and advanced e-recruitment platforms, coupled with deep knowledge of local employment regulations, help companies to identify the most competent staff. Our track record in placements attracts some of the best talent in the market, enabling us to find the right people who can positively impact your business performance.

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Edith  Chan
Director of TSS, PEO and Staffing Solutions