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Fund Administration

Lifting Your Fund Administrative Duties

Fund administration is a partnership entrusting a professional administrator to handle all administrative tasks of keeping a fund running. We deliver timely, accurate and independent fund administration services so that fund managers can concentrate on where they can add the most value, such as portfolio management.

Services Like No Other

Tricor provides comprehensive fund administration services to open-ended fund, private equity, real estate and alternative funds, covering the following key areas:

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Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Achieve Operational Efficiency
    • Leverage technologies to give access to reports and chart growth strategies
    • Improve productivity
  • Strengthen Investor Confidence
    • Improve audit readiness
    • Enhance accuracy and timeliness
  • Make Smarter Investment Decisions
    • Tailor on-demand reports and large set of data points
    • Transform data into meaningful insights
  • Benefit from Our Expertise Beyond Fund Administration
    • Leverage our expertise in fund structuring, auditing and strategies on top of fund accounting
    • Access a full suite of services

Tricor IAG –
Strong Backend Support for
Investment Teams

Tricor IAG entities are joint ventures of Tricor Group, a global provider of integrated business, corporate and investor services, and International Administration Group, a well-established fund administration services group with its head office in Guernsey, Channel Islands. Our combined professional capabilities offer strong backend support to fund managers.

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