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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Establishing a Healthy GRC Framework for Your Company

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is a framework that encapsulates activities related to the management of corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and regulatory compliance. This involves work by various teams from internal audit, compliance, risk, legal, finance, IT, HR to senior executives and the board. However, huge inter-team effort can pose collaboration and communication challenges. GRC solutions come into play to address these challenges and ensure the successful implementation and management of the GRC framework.

Services Like No Other

We provide an integrated solution to assist you in establishing a healthy GRC framework.

Our services include:

  • Group 24-1

    Review the governance structure and accountability of the board and management

  • Group 15-2

    Advise on the internal audit function and setting up effective policies and procedures, risk management and internal controls

  • Group 20-1

    Provide a customized system application and tailored training to enhance disclosure, and meet regulatory and compliance requirements

  • Group 35-1

    Provide Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting services to help clients identify potential ESG issues, set up / strengthen ESG policies and practices, develop key performance indicators (KPIs) and enhance ESG disclosure and reporting

Values that We Can Bring to Listed Issuers

  • Improved Corporate Governance
    • Standardize procedures for better collaboration and integration across teams
    • Enhance efficiency and reduce costs
  • Enhanced Risk Management
    • Improve availability and timeliness of reports and data for informed decision-making
    • Minimize potential risks and financial hazards
  • Firmer Compliance Approach
    • Strengthen compliance readiness across divisions
    • Reduced legal setbacks

Tricor –
A Firm Believer in Corporate

Tricor has always been taking an active role in promoting a culture of good corporate governance as we strongly believe that it plays an important role in sustaining the business especially during times of uncertainty. Leveraging our suite of financial, accounting, human resources and advisory services, our professionals can tailor a GRC solution to meet your specific requirements. We will work together to review the GRC performance of your company, identify the strengths and shortcomings, making recommendations and establishing appropriate and effective tools for improvements. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest rules and regulations governing businesses and other entities. We are well-equipped to take care of both routine and extraordinary matters on behalf of your organization effectively and efficiently.

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