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Unprecedented Digital IPO Experience

Hong Kong is the world’s top destination for IPOs, with new investment opportunities emerging constantly. Tricor simplifies your IPO application process by consolidating online IPO application, payment, allotment result tracking and news update on one single IPO App. You can also enjoy the benefit of keeping your IPO application money until the closing date. IPO investment has never been this easy and flexible.

Features Like No Other

Exclusively developed for our IPO clients and individual investors, IPO App brings a brand-new digital IPO experience with the following unrivalled features:

  • Group-3
  • Group 2-4
  • Group 3-3
  • Group 5-Mar-24-2021-05-59-17-06-AM
  • Group 4-Mar-24-2021-05-59-17-04-AM

Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Simple Application
    • One-click application process
    • One-time registration for all IPO applications
  • Fast, Secure & Flexible Payment
    • IPO Smart Pay with high security
    • More flexibility with payment only debited on the IPO closing date
  • All-In-One Platform
    • Allotment results for all your IPO applications
    • Latest IPO news available 24/7All-In-One Platform
  • Bespoke Experience
    • Personalized messages
    • Corresponding push notifications and payment reminders

Tricor –
Offering Extra Value to Your IPO

Tricor is the leading share registrar in Hong Kong with a proven track record in supporting new issues and IPOs. We have participated in more than 50% of IPOs in the past years and have handled the largest number of new listings for eight consecutive years (2012 – 2019).


How can I apply IPO shares with IPO App?
Download our IPO App user manual here.
How can I apply IPO shares with the desktop version?
Download our HK eIPO website user manual here.
Help Desk
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