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IPO and Share Registration

Guiding You Through The Entire IPO Journey

Listing your company on HKEX is definitely one of the most important milestones of your business. Having a knowledgeable and experienced team to assist you and guide you through in the Hong Kong Share Registrar capacity is very important for an efficient listing process.

Services Like No Other

Led by an market recognized IPO expert, our dedicated IPO team comprises professionals with technical skills and industry experiences can assist you in areas including but not limited to:

  • Group 29
    Advising on IPO Logistics

    Liaising with all working parties including the Company, the appointed Sponsor(s)/Global Coordinator(s) and Legal Advisors, Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited, bankers and others in planning for IPO logistics and processes

  • Group 28
    Reviewing Listing Documents

    Reviewing and providing relevant professional inputs on appropriate sections of IPO documents including the prospectus, application forms and other related documents

  • Group 35

    Ensuring Confidentiality

    All deal-related information are kept behind the wall of the office

  • Group 9-3

    Publishing Allotment Results

    Reviewing allocations / results announcement and preparing allotment reports

  • Group 15

    Processing Applications

    Consolidating and registering IPO subscription details from all application channels, identifying and deleting invalid applications in accordance with Hong Kong’s listing rules and other applicable regulations

  • Group 13-1
    Preparing Basis of Allocation

    Preparing and computerizing scenarios or basis of allocation in the event of over-subscription and providing assistance to appointed Sponsor(s)

  • Group 17
    Dispatching Entitlement

    Dispatching share entitlements and refund entitlements to successful IPO applicants and international places

  • Group 27

    Answering Enquires

    Providing a call center with trained personnel to promptly respond to enquiries from the public

  • Group 16-1

    Setting Up the Register of Members

    Setting up the Register of Members upon listing

In addition, Tricor is the only Hong Kong Share Registrar that is able to provide IPO service from a “Commercial” perspective on top of the conventional “processing role” of a share registry during the IPO process.

Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Extended Services
    • Comprehensive one-stop solutions for all IPO listing, securities registration and related issues
    • Extended solutions covering employee shares options / incentive plans, insurance services, corporate trust and debt services, and a full-scale call centre service to attend to enquiries
  • Dedicated Support Team
    • Comprise 160 investor service executives of which majority are members of The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (HKICS)
    • Give an unparalleled pool of expertise and experience, enabling us to deliver top-notch performance and tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs
  • Technology-Driven Process
    • Benefit from our self-developed IPO app for streamlined applications, flexible payments and up-to-date information
    • Operate an internet-based Investor Services Self-service Portal for listed issuers, registered shareholders, TISC members and the public to retrieve information anytime, anywhere
  • Cross-Border Support
    • Provide cross-border services in Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore
    • Leverage support from members of the Global Share Alliance, whose main operations are located in Australia, North America, South Africa and the United Kingdom

Tricor –
The Largest Service Provider in
Hong Kong’s IPO and Share
Registry Market

Tricor is the leading share registrar in Hong Kong with a proven track record in supporting new issues and IPOs. We have participated in more than 50% of IPOs in the past years and have handled the largest number of new listings for eight consecutive years (2012 – 2019). We bring together an essential set of capabilities to prepare your company for the public markets and beyond.

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