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Meeting Management Solutions

Manage End to End Meetings Seamlessly

Conducting and organising meetings can be quite tedious, involving many parties and different processes. Most companies deploy varied solutions and processes for different stages of the meetings, making the process inefficient and difficult for all stakeholders involved. With a demand for increased real time collaboration, companies need to also have solutions that can actively engage stakeholders in a seamless manner and overcome restrictions brought about by the pandemic.

Meeting Management Solutions

Tricor’s market leading meeting management services provide end to end solution for all processes of meetings, from preparation of the meetings to running the meetings and executing post meeting distribution. Thereby maximizing stakeholder engagement and participation.

Features Like No Other

Through Tricor Meeting Management Solutions, you can manage every step of the meeting process and run your meetings onsite as well as remotely.

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Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Increased Participation
    • Ability to run stakeholder meetings in-person, online and hybrid mode
    • Increased participation from local and overseas stakeholders
    • Enhanced proxy management
  • Increased Security
    • Multi-layered security
    • Encrypted data management
    • High-performance cloud architecture
  • Robust Governance
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Superior investor relations
    • Voting accuracy and audit
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency
    • Manage end to end processes
    • Efficient document management
    • Reduced costs and workload


As a one-stop service provider and market leader for meeting management and poll scrutineer services, Tricor has the capability to bring you the best meeting experience. Tricor’s experts assist you in enriching meeting experience for all participants and partnering with us will maximize participation, while enhancing your investor relation. Our Meeting Management Solutions are built on the strength of Tricor’s 20 years’ experience in servicing numerous meetings for our clients. It is the platform of choice for listed companies, NGOs, & corporates to hold secure and fully compliant meetings effortlessly. With a 24/7 technical support, we are here to serve and enable you to go far.

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