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Taking the Payroll Operation Burdens Off Your Shoulder

Functional outsourcing is one method that helps companies scale with flexibility. It enables businesses to run entire projects with minimal operational resources. Especially at times of uncertainty, many companies have opted for more conservative recruitment strategies, and an agile operating model holds the key to survival for many businesses. Industry analysts have highlighted three critical factors that companies must focus on to emerge stronger from any difficult period: cost, speed, and resilience. Functional outsourcing may be the solution that can simultaneously move the needle on all three.

Services Like No Other

Tricor can fully manage all the obligations about payroll for your business – from the first input to statutory submissions and finishing with the payments. We possess decades of experience in payroll and our single and multi-country solutions can guarantee compliance and accuracy. Our payroll solutions empower your teams to create and implement customized payroll processing rules. The platforms offer flexible formula definitions for allowance, deduction, overtime and leave.

Our services include the following:

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Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Optimize Processes
    • Digitise and integrate processes to improve efficiency and consistency across countries
    • Empower workflow management
  • Mitigate Risks
    • Perform payroll health check and avoid calculation errors, omissions and late filings
    • Reduce staff dependency
  • Enable Analytics
    • Access real-time and accurate payroll data
    • Receive output of statutory reports and analysis of data to generate actionable insights
  • Ensure Compliance
    • Streamline compliance activities
    • Stay abreast of global and local changes in policies, regulations and tax systems

Tricor –
An Award-winning Payroll
Outsourcing Partner

Led by experienced professionals and supported by proprietary information technology systems, Tricor provides a comprehensive range of human resources and payroll-related services. Our expert teams can also advise on the way to optimize payroll functions and improve internal controls and policies. We help our clients strengthen their organization’s capabilities and streamline their internal processes, while making sure they comply with internal policies and national or international regulations.

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