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Post-IPO Share Registration and Issuer Services

Providing More Than Just Share
Registry Services

Getting listed on stock exchange is no doubt a significant milestone for any company, yet it is also just the beginning of the next long journey. To succeed at every stage of business growth, having a solid foundation is essential. Robust registry management and good corporate governance are the necessary building blocks for you to go farther in business.

Services Like No Other

We take the burdens off your shoulder in seven key segments, and help you fully comply with the listing rules, regulatory duties, and other corporate and public responsibilities. We are committed to understanding your business and can tailor a solution that best suits your specific needs.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Group 19-2
    Registry Management

    Maintaining the register of members, processing and registering transfers, issuing new certificates, and updating particulars of members

  • Group 7-Mar-25-2021-09-39-34-57-AM

    Corporate Actions

    Assisting in all kinds of corporate actions such as company restructuring, rights issue, forms issue open offer, cash offer and more

  • Group 11-Mar-25-2021-09-39-34-84-AM

    Shareholders Communications

    Dispatching financial reports, circulars, proxy forms, notices, dividend warrants, letters / notifications and other corporate communications to registered securities holders, non-registered holders and interested parties

  • Group 3-Mar-25-2021-09-39-34-17-AM

    Dividend Payment

    Arranging dividend payment and acting as a dividend payment agent; attending to claims for dividends or bonus shares/warrants from securities holders

  • Group 8-4

    Meeting Management & Poll

    Scrutineer Service

    Maintaining the register of members, processing and registering transfers, issuing new certificates, and updating particulars of members

  • Group 17-Mar-25-2021-09-39-34-55-AM

    Website Design, Set up &


    Maintaining the register of members, processing and registering transfers, issuing new certificates, and updating particulars of members

  • Group 14-2

    Investor Services Self-Service Portal

    Serving as a centralized, fully secure online platform where listed issuers can view, analyze and download shareholder reports; access in-depth ownership data of peers and across industries; and stay informed with thought leadership such as latest news, market trends and regulatory changes

Values that We Can Bring to You

  • One Stop for All
    • Provide comprehensive one-stop solutions for all securities registration and related corporate issues
    • Extend solutions to employee shares options / incentive plans, insurance services, corporate trust and debt services, and a full-scaled call centre service to attend to enquiries
  • A Professional Team That You Can Trust
    • Comprise 160 investor service executives of which majority are members of The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries
    • Give an unparalleled pool of expertise and experience, enabling us to deliver top-notch performance and tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs
  • Technology-Driven Process
    • Operate an internet-based Investor Services Self-service Portal for listed issuers, registered shareholders, TISC members and the public to retrieve information anytime, anywhere

    • Employ state-of-the-art information technology to support share / unit / warrant registration services and to provide analytical reports and profiles of registered share / unit / warrant holders

  • Cross-Border Support
    • Provide cross-border services in Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore
    • Leverage support from members of the Global Share Alliance, whose main operations are located in Australia, North America, South Africa and the United Kingdom

Tricor –
The Largest Service Provider
for Listed Issuers with
60%+ Market Share

Tricor is the leading share registrar in Hong Kong, currently providing share registration and related services to over 1,300 companies whose shares, warrants and/or REIT units are listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, representing the largest portfolio of listed issuers under service.

With a team well-versed in regulatory compliance requirements and best practices, combined with our innovative and advanced digital tools, we provide the highest standards of comprehensive listed issuer services tailored to your specific requirements post-listing and beyond.

Hong Kong IPO Handbook 2021 - Share Registrar

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Managing Director - Head of Share Registry & Issuer Services