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Pre-IPO Trust

Protecting Your Assets Before An IPO Listing

A Pre-IPO Trust is commonly used for succession planning and asset protection by the founders and substantial shareholders of companies which are about to go public. The founders and shareholders can transfer their substantial holding of company shares into a holding vehicle under a trust structure before the company is listed.

Services Like No Other

Led by industry experts, our team of highly-trained staff can help set up the Pre-IPO Trust according to your specific needs, and are well-equipped to safeguard your wealth. We can also assist and advise you on the selection of jurisdictions (e.g. Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands), and the type of trust structures (e.g. Reserved Powers Trust, BVI VISTA Trust) for your pre-IPO needs.

Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Risk Mitigation
    • Reduce the risk of a delay in listing and an IPO going bad after listing by establishing a robust trust structure

    • Mitigate the impact of pending lawsuits and unexpected events, such as sudden death or incapacitation of the founders

  • Tax Planning
    • Achieve more efficient tax planning for the founders of a company before the company is listed

    • Enable the founders to potentially mitigate their tax liabilities

  • Avoidance of Dilution of Ownership
    • Ensure a consolidated pool of shares, including the collective voting rights of the shares

    • Avoid the risk of dilution in the control of the company

  • Succession Planning & Asset Protection
    • Protect the founders’ own wealth, while ensuring that they can pass on the benefits to their beneficiaries

    • Protect the trust assets against disputes among the founders or their family members or against third parties

Tricor Trust –
Well-equipped to Safeguard
Your Wealth

Tricor Trust is the provider of one-stop solution to global clients for corporate trusts. We take a holistic approach to creating ideal trust solutions. Centered around a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, we have a deep understanding of trust structures and trust management. Tricor’s scope of services combined with our extensive knowledge and experience allow for exclusive trust solutions which are streamlined for your trust needs. Our team cares deeply about their fiduciary responsibilities, and you can confidently rely on Tricor Trust to protect your company’s asset for now and beyond.

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