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Private Family Trust

Preserving Family Wealth for Successive Generations

Trusts have evolved from instruments of guardianship to sophisticated vehicles to protect and grow your wealth across generations. Trust services, particularly private family trusts, has been a significantly growing segment of the financial market in recent years. As people become more well-off and financial savvy, we have seen a growing number of individuals and families turning to trusts that enable them to smoothly pass on their wealth to their family members and future generations.

Services Like No Other

As one of the big four independent trust companies, Tricor Trust offers you that extra layer of protection for your legacy. Our team can design and administer private family trusts to specifications that best suit your needs in most popular jurisdictions. Led by industry experts, our team of highly-trained professionals has extensive knowledge and experience with full discretionary trusts, reserved power trusts, BVI VISTA trusts, Cayman STAR trusts, private trust companies, trusts with limited partnerships, charitable trusts and more.

Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Comprehensive Trust Solutions
    • Advise on the trust types and structures
    • Tailor trusts to specifications that meet your unique needs
  • Sustainability & Continuity
    • Provide seamless, exclusive service to ensure smooth operation of family trusts, striking for preservation of wealth across generations
    • Advocate “Sustainable Trusts” that invest trust funds in ESG-related sustainable investments
  • Multiple Jurisdiction Support
    • Leverage on our global network of 47 offices across 21 countries
    • Cover Hong Kong, Singapore and British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Labuan

Tricor Trust –
Well-equipped to Safeguard
Your Wealth

Tricor Trust, A Tricor Solution, is the provider of one-stop solution to global clients for private and corporate trusts. We take a holistic approach to creating ideal trust solutions. Centered around a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, we have a deep understanding of trust structures and trust management. Tricor’s scope of services combined with our extensive knowledge and experience allow for exclusive trust solutions which are streamlined for your trust needs. Our team cares deeply about their fiduciary responsibilities, and you can confidently rely on Tricor Trust to protect and grow your family wealth for now and beyond.

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