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Private Trust Company

A Single Trustee for Multiple Trusts

Third party trustees have long been the default choice for managing family wealth. In the case of multiple trusts, engagement of multiple third-party trustees or companies can significantly push up costs and complicate transactions. A Private Trust Company (PTC) is established with the sole purpose of acting as a trustee for multiple family trusts to consolidate their management. As with traditional trusts, PTCs provide estate planning, succession planning, probate avoidance, asset protection, asset consolidation, amongst other features. It is best suited for complex wealth management.

Services Like No Other

Tricor Trust offers you an extra layer of protection for your family wealth. Led by industry experts, our team of highly-trained professionals can help you:

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Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Stay Involved
    • Act as the director to manage family trust assets
    • Enjoy flexibility to add or replace appointed board of directors
  • Save Cost & Effort
    • Engage a single third-party trustee instead of multiple trustees or companies
    • Streamline communication process and minimize miscommunication
  • Consolidate to One Entity
    • Add, retain and remove assets with ease
    • Provide greater control over family wealth
  • Ensure Harmony & Confidentiality
    • Resolve conflicts and family issues quickly and smoothly
    • Maintain confidentiality

Tricor – Your Trusted Partner

Tricor Trust, A Tricor Solution, is the provider of one-stop solution to global clients for private and corporate trusts. We take a holistic approach to creating ideal trust solutions. Centered around a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, we have a deep understanding of trust structures and trust management. Tricor’s scope of services combined with our extensive knowledge and experience allows for exclusive trust solutions which are streamlined for your trust needs. Our team cares deeply about their fiduciary responsibilities, and you can confidently rely on Tricor Trust to protect and grow your family wealth for now and beyond.

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