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Process Agent & Escrow Agent

Entrusting Your Transactions to Us

A typical provision included in many cross-border agreements is the appointment of a process agent in a jurisdiction where the transacting parties agree on the choice of law. Critical transactions will also require a neutral third party, an escrow agent, to hold on to the paperwork, money and other assets until obligations are fulfilled and the process is finalized. Appointing the right agents is crucial to process your transactions in a timely, accurate, secure and compliant manner.

Services Like No Other

Tricor provides process agent and escrow agent services, including:

  • Acting as process agent to accept service of legal process & notices on behalf of your organizaion

  • Acting as escrow agent to provide custoday of funds / documents placed into escrow

We provide process agent and escrow agent services in the following markets: Australia, Hong Kong, China, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Professional Team
    • Tap into the expertise of our team of professionals who have extensive knowledge of both the legal and operational aspects and experience to offer flexible solutions for a wide range of corporate transactions
    • Tailor solutions to meet your specific needs
  • Reliable Services
    • Ensure legal notices are properly served as a process agent
    • Act as an independent party to the transactions, holding assets in escrow and disbursing them quickly and securely according to the terms of the agreement
  • Cross-Border Capabilities
    • Backed by our network of 47 offices in 21 territories with on-the-ground professionals who have a deep understanding of cross-border transactions in key markets

Tricor –
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Tricor is the top provider of company secretarial services with the largest professional company secretary team in Hong Kong. We offer expert corporate governance, corporate administration and secretarial services. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest laws and regulations governing businesses and other entities. We uphold industry best practices, and are well-equipped to take care of both routine and extraordinary matters effectively and efficiently on behalf of your organization.

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