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Make Shareholders’ Voting Easier than Ever through e-Proxy Voting

To ensure good corporate governance, it is important to engage as many shareholders as possible in the undertaking of major decisions. However, with an increasingly global profile of board members and shareholders, it is difficult to guarantee physical participation in general meetings. Globally, companies have witnessed increased participation when e-meeting (either hybrid or virtual) and e-proxy facilities are in place. Tricor’s new End-to-End e-proxy system, ProxyConnect, comes to the aid by providing an easy, convenient and secure online platform for shareholders to process proxy voting in a simple manner.

Features Like No Other

ProxyConnect’s functionalities support a rich set of features for managing proxy submission including facilitation of appointing alternative proxies, multiple proxies and proxy voting receipt issuance. ProxyConnect can be adopted as a single stand-alone digital tool to manage proxy forms or it can be seamlessly integrate with our award winning hybrid meeting system, SPOT.

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    End-to-end Eproxy voting platform with intuitive, one touch design
  • Group 8
    Shareholders can review entitled holdings on a daily basis, 24/7
  • Group 25
    Input at any time before the submission deadline
  • Group 11-1
    Best ESG initiative, environmental friendly, empower corporate governance through voting
  • Group 34
    Multiple input functions are available including appointment of single/multiple proxies, cancellation and amendment of proxy appointment/voting instructions before the designated deadline
  • Group 3
    Shareholders are able to download receipt in relation to the successfully submitted proxy voting instructions for record
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    Facilitate CCASS to submit end beneficiaries’ proxy appointments/instructions electronically
  • Group 20
    Stringent authentication and verification procedures, and digital trace of every step or action, give extra comfort

Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Streamlining management of proxies
    • Real-time information of proxy appointments and voting instructions for immediate revision
    • Comprehensive proxy summary to avoid occasional omission of voting by major shareholders or other friendly Individual or institutional investors
  • Facilitating investor relations
    • Latest voting instruction information for necessary fine tune of investor relationship and proxy solicitation policies
    • E-communications with shareholders to drive engagement
  • Enjoying security and efficiency
    • An encrypted server network to keep all information submitted by shareholders private and confidential
    • Electronic proxy appointment / instruction submitted in a secured and efficient manner
  • Enhancing corporate governance
    • Increased engagement of shareholders in the undertaking of major decisions
    • Better corporate image by providing an electronic and intuitive system to shareholders for proxy deliveries

Tricor – One-stop Provider of
E-meeting and E-proxy

Tricor offers cohesive e-meeting and e-proxy solutions as a one-stop service provider for conducting fully compliant general meetings effortlessly. Our solutions enable seamless holding and chairing of general meetings, as well as successful on-site and/or online voting and validation of results. Our dedicated team can also help you review and amend the Articles of Association to make electronic general meetings and proxies possible.

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