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SPOT the Difference

Meeting virtually has become the new normal, even for listed issuers who are obliged to hold general meetings for shareholders annually. Tricor’s proprietary, award-winning SPOT is an advanced, secure, all-in-one e-meeting solution that makes a difference. It transforms traditional meetings digitally with a scalability for over 10,000 concurrent participants, and can be used for shareholder meetings, board meetings, online conferences, trainings and more.

Features Like No Other

SPOT is a unified meeting platform with integrated functions that make hybrid and virtual meetings possible. It delivers an unparalleled meeting experience which is as complete as a closed-door physical meeting.

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  • Group 2-3
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Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Paperless
    • No longer require to print meeting packs, with proxy submissions, Q&A and voting conducted electronically
    • Save time and cost
  • Enhanced Goverance
    • Encourage participation in meetings by enabling hybrid and virtual meetings and overcoming capacity limits of physical venues
    • Facilitate voting with e-proxy
  • Seamless One-Stop Solution
    • Include live streaming, e-voting, e-proxy, real-time Q&A and online attendance functions on one single platform
    • Seamless integration
  • Real-time Collaboration
    • Make virtual attendance as full as physical attendance with live streaming
    • Allow for real time Q&A and instant e-voting
  • Cutting-Edge Security
    • Embed multi-layered security and encryption
    • Protect confidentiality and privacy

Tricor –
Your Partner for Digital

Digital transformation is an irreversible trend. As the leading business expansion specialist in Asia, Tricor’s creative and innovative culture has made us stay at the forefront of the industry. Our advanced digital solutions enable clients to streamline workflows, collaborate more efficiently, make smarter decisions and be more capable of dealing with challenges. Supported by state-of-the-art technology, all of our digital solutions are highly secure with data privacy and security as our top priority.

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