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Tax Advisory and Compliance

Addressing Challenges in an Evolving Global Tax Environment

Tax affairs are obligations for all corporations and individuals. Although Hong Kong has a relatively simple tax system, ensuring tax compliance can still be a challenging task for many companies, especially when cross-border taxes are involved. Corporate tax planning can help companies develop a tax-efficient model, while ensuring regulatory compliance across jurisdictions.

Individual tax planning was considered a service needed only by the most affluent in the past. However, as the public becomes more well-off and financial savvy, demand for individual tax planning has significantly increased. Careful planning can help lower your tax burdens and keep more of your wealth.

Services Like No Other

Our tax professionals have a deep and broad understanding of local and global tax laws, as well as relevant industry knowledge and expertise. We provide comprehensive tax services for both corporates and individuals.

For Corporates

By understanding your company’s unique structure and keeping abreast of the evolving landscape of global tax policies and legislations, such as the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Project (BEPS), we are well positioned to assist you in a wide range tax-related matters:

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* Such as preparing employees’ individual tax returns and processing rental reimbursements

For Individuals

Aiming to help you comply with local and overseas tax laws, while minimizing tax burdens and fully utilizing available tax credits as well as deductions, we offer tax-effective advice on:

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Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Deep Knowledge & Expertise

    Our Hong Kong-based experienced team of tax professionals comprises chartered tax advisers and transfer pricing specialists who have a deep understanding of tax laws, local regulatory environment and practices.

  • Beyond Tax Services

    Tricor offers a full range of accounting, financial reporting, company secretary and compliance services to help you navigate the increasingly complex regulatory environment.

  • Cross-Border Support

    Backed by our Asia Pacific tax network, we can help you in establishing efficient cross-border tax models, understanding compliance obligations and keeping track of regulatory changes to better manage tax risks.

  • One Stop for All

    Our comprehensive tax services cover Hong Kong and mainland China corporate tax, Hong Kong tax controversy, Hong Kong and mainland China individual income tax and cross-border tax planning. We are not impacted by the audit independence rules, giving you flexibility to collaborate with us.

Tricor –
Our Unparalleled Tax Advisory
and Compliance Services

With the breadth and depth of our capabilities, our connected services across all tax disciplines can help you streamline your tax compliance processes, and provide you with high-quality tax advice for making informed decisions. Our experienced team of tax professionals with deep knowledge and expertise technology, making us an ideal partner for your tax-related needs.

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