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The New Inspection Regime

Protecting Personal Information on the Companies Registry

With a new inspection regime implemented under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, there are additional safeguards to the personal data of directors and other relevant individuals who appear on the Companies Registry. Phase 1 of the new inspection regime took effect on 23 August 2021 and companies are now allowed to withhold the usual residential address (URA) of their directors and full identification number (IDN) of both the directors and company secretaries from public inspection of their internal private registers. Instead, only the correspondence addresses (CA) and partial IDN will be made available to the public. Other levels of protection will be accorded by the law upon the next two phases of the new inspection regime.

Services Like No Other

We provide an integrated solution to assist you in establishing a healthy GRC framework.

  • Group 24-1

    Administrative Support

    • Apply for masking of personal data
    • Update the register of directors to include a CA which is currently deemed to be the company’s registered office
  • Group 15-2

    Provision of Correspondence Address

    • Submit a statutory form in Phase 2 should the directors choose to use Tricor’s address as CA where applicable or provide another CA
  • Group 20-1

    Advice on Data Privacy and Protection

    • Provide expert guidance and advice on data privacy requirements
    • Assist in the implement robust data protection processes

Values that We Can Bring to Listed Issuers

  • Largest team of company secretaries in town
    • Tap into the expertise of the largest team of company secretaries in town who can assist you in navigating the new inspection regime
    • Streamline long-winded processes
  • Enhanced Risk Management
    • Handle ongoing applications for masking of personal data and implementation of data protection at different phases of the new inspection regime
    • Provide timely updates and advise on actions upon the commencement of each phase
  • Firmer Compliance Approach
    • Access a full suite of professional corporate secretarial services
    • Tailor solutions to best suit your needs

Tricor –
Top Provider of Corporate Secretarial Services in Hong Kong

Tricor is currently the top provider of company secretarial services with the largest professional company secretary team in Hong Kong, serving 53% of Hong Kong-listed companies. We offer expert corporate governance, corporate administration and secretarial services. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest laws and regulations governing businesses across different sectors. We uphold industry best practices, and are well-equipped to take care of both routine and extraordinary matters effectively and efficiently on behalf of your organization.

Caron  Lee
Executive Director
Jennifer  Ngai
Head of Commercial