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Treasury & Payment Administration

Ensuring Financial Liquidity and Risk Mitigation

As organizations grow, greater financial streamlining is crucial for management of cash flows, processes, and for risk mitigation. From regulatory compliance perspective, financial transparency has become a key requirement. Corporates also need to ensure that the companies’ credit ratings are consistently maintained.

Treasury and payment administration involves comprehensive structuring and governance of policies as well as procedures to help organizations manage financial risks and ensure sufficient liquidity.

Services Like No Other

Tricor’s treasury and payment administration solution is an end-to-end solution that is designed specifically to meet corporate goals, reduce financial overheads, optimize savings, and improve risk control. It covers all aspects and functions of the treasury such as payables, receivables, interest rates management and foreign exchange rates management, and is especially useful in the scenarios of acquisition or restructuring.

In addition, we support a range of requirements that include:

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Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Ensure Liquidity
    • Maintain optimum liquidity
    • Reduce external financing
  • Save Time
    • Streamline payment process
    • Reduce time spent on payment initiation and authorization
  • Mitigate Risks
    • Reduce operational risks of fraud and errors with control measures
    • Manage credit risks and monitor market risks
  • Improve Visibility & Forecasting
    • Plan debt payments and financing
    • Make better investment decisions

Tricor –
Your Treasury and Payment
Administration Partner

As your business partner, Tricor goes beyond transaction-intensive processes to oversee secure administration and proper internal control of your funds. Our customized solutions are designed to ensure you have optimum cash liquidity. We can help with providing bank signatories, settling your organization’s payment obligations, and bank account reconciliation and administration.

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