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Xiaomi Corporation

The youngest company on the 2019 Fortune Global 500 list, Xiaomi is an internet company with smartphones and smart hardware connected by an IoT platform at its core. Currently, it is the world’s fourth-largest smartphone brand.

Celebrate Historic Success with Us – Your IPO Knowledge Master

Tricor believes that a company of a scale and significance like Xiaomi can accept nothing but the very best corporate and investor service providers. At the time when Xiaomi announced our appointment to provide joint company secretary services, it was the very first among China companies with a weighted voting right (“WVR”) structure to seek listing on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“HKEX”). Tricor was determined to provide Xiaomi with professional corporate governance, compliance and secretarial services. Tagging along Tricor’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest listing rules and regulations, such IPO had turned out to be a promising success.

Zhong An OnlineP & C Insurance Co., Ltd.

Zhong An Online is a digital-only insurance company based in Shanghai, China. It is also the first and only company in China to obtain an internet insurance license.

Rely On Us – Your Time Chaser

Zhong An Online had an innovative idea to reshape traditional insurance by applying internet thinking across the insurance value chain. When Zhong An Online received over 120,000 applications and was 390 times oversubscribed, time had become a major constraint. Tricor’s investor services team helped Zhong An Online manage IPO and share registration matters while the corporate services team ensured compliance with relevant requirements in Listing Rules and Companies Ordinance. Advisory service on pre-IPO planning, IPO timetable, logistics and human resources supports were also rendered in a timely manner.

We are honored to have Tricor to provide both company secretary and IPO share registrar services to us during our IPO listing. Supporting by Tricor’s experience, professionalism and tacit coordination, it helped us to save time on unnecessary communications and procedures, so as to improve the overall efficiency of the IPO process.

- Yongbo Zhang, Vice General Manager / Compliance Director & Chief Legal Officer / Company Secretary

Fosun International Limited

Fosun is a family-focused, multinational conglomerate company that has deep roots in China focusing on technology and innovation. Its innovative creation of customer-to-maker (C2M) ecosystem provides high-quality products and services for families around the world.

Expand With Us – Your Timely Advisor

Although originally family-focused, Fosun wishes for more families to enjoy their products and services in the world. In doing so, business expansion and investment are sought after. Tricor, as a trustworthy corporate service provider, responded to Fosun’s instructions in a swift manner. A comprehensive series of professional services were rendered including company secretarial services, compliance, authorized representatives, further beyond to entity formation and liquidation, dissolution and cessation, and share restructuring. With our support in full swing, Fosun was able to pave their path to distant parts of the world.

Tricor is professional and reliable in providing timely responses and solutions even to our complicated and urgent cases.

- Angel Sze, Company Secretary

A Family

A family looks for shared values and has the will to protect and manage family assets.

Envision the Future with Us – Your Dependable Protector

The head of the family approached Tricor when they sensed that something amiss under the roof. Although family assets were being maintained under trusts that were established decades ago, trust laws and global tax requirements had evolved and the family needed a new trust structure to properly protect kin assets. In this light, the family had to seek for trustworthy professionals to take up the new role which the family could confide in by long-term. Tricor confidently took up this position and acted as the protector. Now, the family is fully guaranteed that with the trustee managing the assets and the protector to safeguard independent mechanism that oversees trust administration, all possessions and capitals developed by the past generation are covered and protected to be enjoyed by their offspring – the best gift a family can give.

China Harmony New Energy Auto Holdings Limited

Harmony Auto is an investment holding company principally engaged in the sale and related servicing of ultra-luxury motor vehicles in China.

Grow Long-term With Us – Your All-round Backup Provider

Harmony Auto began to use our service since their IPO in 2013. At the time when they ran short of staff handling compliance works on Listing Rules requirements, we provided comprehensive business support including named secretarial and corporate services, share registrar services, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) report services, ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), D&O (Directors and Officers) Insurance service and acted as the coordinator in-charge of all compliance works. Even for service areas that we did not cover, Tricor bridged that gap with other service providers to ensure Harmony Auto was backed up all-inclusive.

Tricor is always here to offer an all-rounded support and it’s certainly a reliable partner in every step of our business development.

- Lu Feng, Chief Representative in Hong Kong, China