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Taking Corporate Governance Management to the Next Level with Ease on One Single Platform

Digitalization has brought significant improvement to various processes in business operations, and undoubtedly reimagined the way which corporate governance management work — both in scope and execution.

Tricor Red is our response to the increasing demand for digitalization in corporate governance management. This state-of-the-art, easy-to-navigate, commercial-grade online portal allows you to initiate, update, and track all your corporate governance and compliance processes on one single platform. It empowers you to manage critical and time-consuming details with efficiency, agility and flexibility, and at the same time maintain easy access to Tricor’s corporate governance expertise and support.

Tricor Red - Digital Business Made Easy

Features Like No Other

Tricor Red is a digital “front door” for our clients to access their most critical information and request for Tricor’s support anytime, anywhere in one click:

  • Central Dashboard

    • Access recently submitted service requests and view company, people and document records
    • Search for information
    • View key upcoming statutory dates
  • Company Board

    • Manage general company information such as contact details, registered office address, company secretary list and auditor information
    • View and edit the list of directors and their detailed information
    • Obtain an overview of company share structure and allotment
    • Search for current and historical statutory documents
  • People Board

    • Manage the general information of directors
    • View company relations that relate within your corporate hierarchy
  • Document Board

    • Manage the general information of directors
    • View company relations that relate within your corporate hierarchy
  • Service Request

    • Communicate with Tricor's Corporate Service team
    • Submit and track your corporate actions, for example the change of director's particulars, or transfer and allotment of shares, for Tricor's handling
  • Statutory Calendar

    • Display statutory dates on both central dashboard and company board
    • Notify of upcoming duties and timelines

Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Centralization and Security
    • Consolidate all corporate documents in one easy-to-use dashboard interface
    • Protect sensitive and confidential information with secure cloud storage
  • Accessibility and Efficiency
    • Access latest company director information and make urgent corporate changes anytime, anywhere
    • Complete corporate actions efficiently with our e-signature service
  • Compliance and Transparency
    • Monitor statutory obligations
    • Receive notifications of important due dates and timely support from Tricor when actions are required
  • Insight and Expertise
    • Receive professional support and advice from Tricor
    • Enjoy 20 years of combined experience in corporate secretarial services offered by Tricor’s expert team

Tricor –
True Expert in Corporate Governance and Digitalization

Tricor advocates for good corporate governance and digital transformation. While good corporate governance is pivotal in sustaining business, the significant advancement in technology helps streamline workflows, collaborate efficiently, make smart decisions and be capable of dealing with challenges – in other words to better manage corporate governance both internally and externally. Our expert teams will assist you in deploying digital solutions to improve corporate governance.

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