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(Tricor Staffing Solutions) is an all-round human resources service provider in the areas of Recruitment and Staffing. Our knowledge of local employment regulations, coupled with our recruitment service, enables companies to prosper by removing the burden of administrative tasks and reducing costs and overheads. Our clients can enjoy tailor-made recruitment services that facilitate business success in a dynamic environment.

Furthermore, our wide client-base enables us to offer job-seekers opportunities with some of the most desirable companies in the market.

We use our extensive network and advanced e-recruitment platforms to find you exceptional candidates who will provide a competitive advantage and positively impact your business performance. This is enhanced by our vast databases and multi-platform approach implemented to meet all your staffing needs. Our track record in placements attracts some of the best talent in the market, enabling us to effectively fulfill requirements for top-tier executives.

Built by Tricor, Asia’s leading business expansion specialist, TSS helps companies find the right people while managing, nurturing and supporting individuals to meet business goals.

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When it comes to recruiting talent, we know it best based on our years of recruitment experience. Our vast arsenal of recruitment tools and channels will help companies find the top qualified candidates easily and quickly. By relying on our team to take care of routine as well as specialist recruitment tasks, companies gain the advantage of leveraging our infrastructure, while freeing up their team to focus on other core matters. Similarly, candidates looking to be hired by premium companies will find access to desired jobs at their fingertips. Our key recruitment services include:

  • Development of recruitment strategy & sourcing
    We understand that one size does not fit all. For every recruitment assignment, our teams work with clients to map out potential candidates based on specific technical skillsets, industries, and soft skills.

  • Multi-channel job ads posting
    We use our range of digital tools to ensure that the ads reach as wide a range of candidates as possible. We also approach clients through professional social media platforms for a targeted engagement.

  • Assessment of CVs and Key candidate selection
    Our end-to-end services include thorough screening and evaluation of CVs based on your unique requirements.

  • Execution of complete hiring formalities
    We offer a dedicated team for each project and they take full responsibility for executing interviews, reference checks, and signing employment contracts.

  • Long-term support
    We have a proven history of meticulous work and professionalism at every stage of the recruitment process. We form successful long-term relationships with our clients giving us a deep understanding of our clients’ culture and preferences.


Our staffing service offer you a wealth of knowledge of local employment regulations and a specialized workforce suite. Our experienced professionals will handle all the logistical tasks related to recruiting, onboarding, nurturing, and offboarding talent. We have highly-defined processes and a wide local network that you can leverage for smooth processing of all your recruitment needs. Our Staffing services include the following:  

  • End-to-end management
    Our staffing service covers end-to-end HR services to streamline all tactical activities related to recruiting, onboarding, and offboarding employees.

  • Multi-platform recruitment
    We utilize a range of both online and offline platforms to source out the best possible candidates. This includes multiple e-recruitment sources and a wide industry network.

  • Onboarding & offboarding logistics management
    We help undertake extension of shortlisted candidate(s) with standard orientation before onboarding, and manage all logistics surrounding onboarding and offboarding including HSE training, IT induction, and QMS induction.

  • Execution of due-diligence and legal formalities
    Our holistic services include filing of annual taxes, handling working visa applications, and employee background checks.

  • Digital tools for recruitment
    We also offer self-service portals for employees and clients for more efficient business interaction. When face-to-face interviews are not possible, companies can utilize our online platforms for interviewing and resume viewing.


In the modern world, organisations are more varied and intricate than ever. Their needs require tailored solutions and customized implementation to best-serve their company structure. At TSS, we have created the 4-D approach of Diagnosis, Design, Delivery, Diligence to effectively tailor and apply our scope of services to every client’s smallest to biggest requirements.

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TSS matches the right talent to the right roles. Simply send us your CV, and let us help you find the best job that matches your skills and experience to advance your career prospects.

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Head of TSS
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Director of TSS
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Director of TSS


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Personal Information Collection Statement for Job Applicants

The Personal Data collected will be used by TSS to assess the applicant’s suitability for current vacancies (including the vacancy for which have been applied for) and, if the applicant is selected, to determine the preliminary remuneration and benefits package to be offered, and other directly related matters in the recruitment process. The applicant is responsible and must ensure that all information provided to TSS is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Personal Data provided which is inaccurate or incomplete may influence the process and outcome of the recruitment.

Applicants have the right to request access to, and to request deletion or correction of, the Personal Data in relation to their application. Any enquiry about and request for the deletion or correction of or access to Personal Data will be handled by our Human Resources Department, please review our Privacy Policy for more information.
By clicking submit below, you confirm that you have read the above statement and consent to allow TSS to store and process the Personal Data submitted for recruitment and employment-related purposes (and that you have the necessary authority to provide Personal Data to Tricor for such purposes).