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Addressing All Your Human Resources Needs On One Single Platform

Human resources technology is undergoing one of the most disruptive periods it has seen in decades. We are capitalizing on current market trends and driving change through our innovative suite of cloud-based and on-premise solutions. The unify | HRS integrated human capital management suite from Tricor is a comprehensive technology and service offering designed to address human resource challenges that most businesses face as they grow locally and globally.

Services Like No Other

unify | HRS is a modular system that can improve the work ethic and morale of your workforce by providing transparency of data and empowering individuals to take control of their leave and reimbursement applications, as well as other administrative tasks. A self-service system is more effective for executives, more empowering for managers, more engaging for employees, and more efficient for HR.

It offers unique enhanced features, including the following modules:

unify | ACCESS

With unify | ACCESS, managers can retrieve and monitor the personal and employment particulars of the employees, as well as grant or reject approvals. Its functions can be set based on an authorisation level mechanism. The application also provides easy access to e-newsletters and company information. It can be made available over a company’s intranet, portal or specialised kiosk.

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unify | LEAVE

unify | LEAVE allows employees to review their leave history, schedule planned leave and check the actual or projected leave balance up to the end of the year. Team leaders can approve or reject leave applications online. They can also review leave application schedule of employees under their supervision. The system supports multi-level complex hierarchies for approval authority.

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unify | REIMBURSEMENT automates claim processing with flexible policies and multi-level complex hierarchies for approval authority. It allows employees to apply online for different types of reimbursement, such as overtime and shifts, and empowers team leaders to directly approve or reject claim applications under their supervision.

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Values that We Can Bring to You

  • Dynamic Features Designed for Plug & Play
    • One suite of solutions to address all your HR needs
    • Customize your Tricor experience on-the-go and choose only the services you need
  • Process Automation
    • Streamline processes with workflow management features
    • Replace manually executed tasks with automated processes
  • Enhanced Communication
    • Ensure transparent communication between HR and employees
    • Help employees feel connected and empowered
  • Efficiency & Security
    • Ease administrative burden on HR team by reduce paper processes through digitization of forms and workflow
    • Store and retrieve information on a fully secure platform which can cater for different authorization levels

Tricor –
Leading Human Capital
Management Solution Provider

Orisoft, a member of Tricor Group, is the HR software and outsourcing engine that drives our unify | HRS suite, and is now at the heart of our integrated human resources platform. Since establishment in 1987, Orisoft has been a leading Human Capital Management solution provider through cutting-edge products and services for both the local and international markets. Tricor web-based technology solutions empower small and multinational businesses to operate efficiently in the area of people management so that organizations can focus on what they do best: growing their business.

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